This non-invasive procedure uses ultrasound technology to firm and lift skin. It is typically used to target sagging skin and wrinkles on the chest, chin, neck and brow. Also, it is the only FDA-cleared procedure of its kind. Skin tightening is achieved by collagen regeneration. With this unique process, specialists can see which layers of tissue need the most improvement. They focus the energy on those foundation areas under the skin, and the ultrasound waves help stimulate collagen production. The result is fuller-looking skin with a better tone.


Ultherapy differs from most cosmetic treatments because it completely bypasses the surface of the skin. There are no needles, scalpels or lasers involved. This means that the procedure does not require sedation. Also, there is no downtime. People typically return to their normal activities after treatment. Although this procedure does not produce identical effects in comparison with a facelift, it is a close substitute that involves less risk.


Who Is The Ultherapy Procedure For?


This therapy is ideal for adults with sagging skin around the neck, chest, chin or brow. Since there are very few risks, the treatment is safe for most people. However, it is contraindicated in people who have the following:

  • Open wounds
  • Keloid scarring
  • Implanted medical devices
  • Facial implants


It is also not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. People who are on anticoagulant therapy should discuss this option with a physician before seeking treatment. This therapy is also frequently used by people who previously had cosmetic surgery and want to prolong the aesthetic effects.


What To Expect During And After Treatment


Some people notice a slight improvement immediately after the procedure. The most noticeable effects are gradual and develop over the span of a few months after treatment. Only one treatment session is required to achieve tightening, and the effects usually last for up to a few years.


During the process, the practitioner cleanses the skin and marks the treatment areas. Next, a lubricating gel is applied. The specialist uses the ultrasound wand to identify treatment regions and then focuses the machine’s energy on those areas. People usually feel the energy emission, which may cause slight discomfort. Pain prevention concerns should be discussed prior to treatment. The procedure takes about and hour or two depending on how many areas are being treated. After treatment, some people report the following effects:

  • Sensitivity
  • Tingling
  • Swelling
  • Redness


If present, these effects usually disappear within a matter of hours. Temporary bruising or numbness may be possible. Both of these effects are rare. Ultherapy can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the clinic and the areas being treated. In comparison with facelifts, surgery and other cosmetic procedures that do not have the same lasting effects, this treatment is a cost-effective choice. Also, some other therapies and procedures require more frequent maintenance treatments.


Where To Find Ultherapy In New York


If you are looking for a facelift alternative or skin tightening treatments in New York, Advanced Cryo NYC offers this innovative new ultrasound technology and many other options as well. From stem cell treatments to injectables, we can help you find the treatment that works best for your unique needs. A specialist will discuss treatments, costs and effects with you. Please contact us today to learn more about Ultherapy or to set up a consultation.

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