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Take Your Health and Wellness to the Next Level

with Advanced Cryo NYC

How Advanced Cryo NYC Can Help

Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle, managing your nutrition and getting enough sleep are all excellent strategies for living your life to the fullest. However, in your efforts to have it all, it is easy to cross over the line into overtraining, under eating and sleep deprivation that sap your energy and leave you feeling achy, exhausted and depleted.

Balance is key to optimal health and wellness. When things get out of whack, it affects all other areas of your life, including your relationships, your ability to cope, your immune system and even your appearance. Unless you intervene with self care, you will find yourself looking and feeling burned out, haggard and miserable.

Recovery is an important but often overlooked component of physical activity. When you deprive yourself of essential nutrients and fail to give your body the time it needs to regenerate new cells and restore chemical balance, you place yourself in a state of perpetual inflammation and depletion that can age you and drag you down. Advanced Cryo NYC offers healing and restorative therapies that can put you on the road to recovery, and help you maintain a balanced state of health and wellness for years to come.

You work hard to live an amazing life…you owe it to yourself to take time out to recover!

Why Advanced Cryo NYC?

There are any number of spas and clinics that offer similar therapies to those offered at Advanced Cryo NYC. However, only Advanced Cryo NYC offers:

  • An outstanding location in the heart of historic artsy SoHo. Make a day of it with therapy, shopping and dinner!
  • A top notch clinic run by medical professionals with years of experience in therapeutic treatments.
  • An extensive menu of therapies and treatments offered under one roof.

Restorative Therapeutic Treatments at Advanced Cryo NYC

Advanced Cryo NYC offers a broad range of products and procedures to meet your health and wellness needs:

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

Elite athletes know the benefits of a total body ice bath after practice or competition. Cryotherapy relieves post-game pain by reducing inflammation, which takes pressure off nerves and soft tissue so your body can begin the healing process.

The good news is that you do not need to get into a tub of ice water to get the same benefits! Simply step into our cryosauna and nitrogen vapor will begin to cool your skin to 32º freezing. The chamber will continue to cool to temperatures ranging from -220º to -274º F. Your two to three minute session will result in accelerated healing, increased circulation, increased energy and more restful and restorative sleep.

These Are Some Other Benefits Of WBC

Increased endorphin production enhances your mood
Improved circulation helps support proper immune function
More blood flow repairs damaged muscle tissue
Rapid cooling tightens your skin
Reduces cellulite
Promotes collagen regrowth

Local Application Cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy lets you zero in on an inflammation hot spot, sending a steady flow of cold air to the afflicted area over a period of several minutes. Use local cryo as part of your rehab protocol after injury, or to target sore muscles and joints after a tough workout at the gym.

Local application cryotherapy is a good choice for sports injuries, post surgical recovery, or chronic localized pain and inflammation. Multiple sessions over a short period of time will yield optimal results.

Single Area
$29 Session
$79 Sessions
$129 Sessions
$239 Sessions
Multiple Area
$49 Session
$139 Sessions
$199 Sessions
$329 Sessions

Cryo Facial

Have you ever noticed the firm texture of your skin and its vibrant glow after exposure to brisk cold air? Now you can replicate that experience all year round with a cryo facial.

The cold air will reduce puffiness and stimulate a rush of oxygen and nutrients to your skin, promoting new cell growth, and making your face glow with radiant health.

CryoSteam for up to 8 minutes (including scalp and neck area), complimentary hand moisturizing gloves

Session (8 MIN) – $29

InVita™ Micronutrient Cocktails

Vigorous activity, dieting, stress and exposure to environmental toxins can leave you dehydrated and depleted of micronutrients that are vital to optimal health. InVita™ Micronutrient Cocktails bypass your digestive tract and deliver micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants, directly to your circulatory system via IV, so they can get right to work repairing, restoring and supporting your body’s systems.

The trained clinicians at Advanced Cryo NYC will help you choose among cocktails for brain function, stress management, immune support, athletic performance, mood regulation, recovery and more!

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for Men and Women

Once you pass your reproductive prime, the reproductive hormones estrogen in women, and testosterone in men, begin to wane. This not only affects your sex drive and ability to perform sexually, but it has repercussions for other areas of health, including bone density, skin thickness, heart health and metabolic wellbeing.

For women going through menopause, low estrogen levels can lead to hot flashes, disrupted sleep, constipation, fatigue and pain during sex. For men, low testosterone can affect sexual function, muscle mass and strength, and more. Advanced Cryo NYC can help you find the best HRT therapy for you, whether it be injections, oral medications, patches or topical creams.

First consultation is FREE!

Heal Your Body, Change Your Life with Advanced Cryo NYC

Hitting the pause button on your active lifestyle to recover, replenish and restore is a smart move to ensure you continue to live life to the max. Failure to give your body the recovery and nutrients it needs can lead to injury, reduced performance, premature aging and a weakened immune system. Make Advanced Cryo NYC a partner in your self-care and recovery regimen now, before it’s too late!

AdvancedCryoNYC Team

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To schedule your next treatment at Advanced Cryo NYC, please, fill out the form bellow

Operation hours

Let us know when you want to schedule your treatment

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