B-12 MIC Injections

The Weight Loss Miracle You’ve Been Looking For!

If you have been struggling to lose weight without results, you may need a little help. Diet and exercise are important ingredients for a weight loss regimen, but sometimes even the strictest nutrition plan combined with the most dedicated fitness program are not enough to break a weight loss plateau.

Advanced Cryo NYC is thrilled to introduce our cutting edge weight loss therapy, MIC & B12!

The all natural hormone-free MIC injections work with your diet and exercise program to boost energy and stimulate fat metabolism. The ingredients are all naturally occurring elements found in your own body, and the injections are completely safe and effective. Imagine having endless energy to power through your day, get things done, work out and still feel like dancing the night away!

What are the Active Ingredients in B12 MIC Injections

Each element in a B12 MIC injection has lipotropic properties, which means they work within your body to help break down and metabolize fat. The active ingredients include:

  • Vitamin B12: Often referred to as the energy vitamin, this important vitamin has long been touted for its amazing properties to improve mood, combat fatigue and speed up metabolism!
  • Methionine: This essential amino acid plays many important roles in your body: It assists with metabolism, promotes red blood cell growth, serves as a primary source of dietary sulphur, and breaks down fat.  
  • Inositol: A derivative of glucose, inositol improves insulin sensitivity in cells and promotes fat metabolism in the liver.
  • Choline: Related to the B-Vitamin Complex family, choline is an anti-aging micronutrient known to support liver function, promote brain development, support neural transmission, govern muscle movement, boost energy levels and aid in fat metabolism.

While all of the ingredients of B12 MIC injections can be found in common foods, active people on calorie-restricted diets are often deficient in these essential nutrients, undermining their efforts to improve energy levels and burn fat.

MIC Injection + L-carnitine

Injection + L-carnitine
Injections + L-carnitine

Why Should I Choose Advanced Cryo NYC for My B12 MIC Injections

Besides its excellent location in NYC’s historic and trendy SoHo district, Advanced Cryo NYC remains on the cutting edge of therapies and treatments for busy active people who want to live life to its fullest.

The experts and experienced clinicians at Advanced Cryo NYC will take every measure to ensure your comfort, safety and satisfaction. They understand your needs and desires to remain healthy, young and active, and they offer a unique combination of treatments that cater to your active lifestyle.

MIC Injection + B complex

MIC Injection + B complex
MIC Injections + B complex
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