Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that your body uses to perform daily functions like cell repair and regeneration, hormone production, energy metabolism, functions of your nervous and immune systems, brain function, and countless other processes that occur at the cellular level.

When available micronutrients become depleted, you may begin to suffer symptoms of nutritional deficiency that can lead to serious health problems if not resolved.

Who Can Benefit From IV Drip Therapy?

While almost any adult can benefit from IV drip therapy, certain people may need it more than others. People who benefit the most from micronutrient IV therapy include:

  • Busy executives who need to stay mentally sharp
  • Anyone frequently exposed to the public, like school teachers, bus drivers, retail workers and food servers
  • Athletes, dancers and fitness enthusiasts who need to perform at their peak and recover quickly
  • Working parents with high levels of stress
  • Older adults who need extra nutritional support
  • People on calorie-restricted or vegetarian diets
  • Party-goers who need a quick and effective hangover remedy
  • Models, performers and brides-to-be who need to look and feel their very best

IV Booster Shots


Boost immune system, Suppress inflammation, Prevents and reverse cell damage,Anti aging benefits

Lipo B $35

Boost the energy, increase metabolic rate, improve liver function and help preserve muscul tissue


Trace elements contain Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium

Zink $25

Plays important role in immune system and wound healing


Essential for skin, hair and nails

CoQ10+ $25

Detoxifies the body, Powerful antioxidant, Support arterial blood pressure, Reduces cholesterol, Keep brain cells healthy

IV Therapy Clinic in NYC

For the very best IV therapy in NYC, visit Advanced Cryo NYC. Our friendly staff will help you select the perfect micronutrient cocktail to meet your needs. Sit back and relax in our spa-like setting while potent micronutrients are infused, drip by drip.

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